The Rant Room

A place for me to rant a little about topics loosely related to my profession. If I migrate old post over I'll try to date them appropriately.

Diversity Sometimes Sucks / Architecting my own Downfall

Sometimes I am the architect of my own downfall and, boy, is it frustrating... [More]

Google Cloud Platform Roadshow

I attended a Google Cloud Platform Roadshow in Helsinki this week...
week. Somehow I was expecting to leave [More]

Innovation, Education, Career

Are we scuppering our ability to innovate [More]

Collections. Of Thoughts.

Consumed with thoughts and delivering nothing [More]

A Blog? Not really!

Another Blog OMG. Well, in fact, no. This is not a altruistic giving back to the community effort but rather a semi-regular rant relating somehow to my industry. [More]